Press Start

Will definitely look into uploading comics at a mobile friendlier format. In the meantime, there's this : ) Hope you like. Pray you lol.

So... I've been busy.

I'm back<3

It's been awhile. I've missed you kids

Silly practice gif based off this!



You know how when, you have so much to do, you end up procrastinating? Knocked out this cactus lady after a long day of tasks. I was staring at my pretty Ruby Ball Cactus and was inspired by it :)

My cacti ladies

My cacti ladies


Drew Pearl the other day. 

Aaaand in other news, experiencing slight technical difficulty around my left shoulder blade.


This has been sitting on my docket for awhile! I've been wanting to make a Small Gods postcard ever since I churned out my Hitchhiker's Guide postcard :)

Study two (The more successful study, I think)

Study two (The more successful study, I think)

Study one! I decided against this one though, because of Om's angle he looks like he's floating

Study one! I decided against this one though, because of Om's angle he looks like he's floating

Someone help me find this jacket

Really, I just wanted to draw this jacket, but I tossed a gal along with it! I'm certain it exists somewhere in the world, outside my own head. Please send it to me, universe! Though NO Ed Hardy plz! :P

(Yes, I'm aware her bum looks like a pokeball)

(Yes, I'm aware her bum looks like a pokeball)

Sunday flowers

Drawing flowers is SO satisfying and calming. Babes and flowers. Here's something I did this afternoon : ) Scroll down for a gratuitous video of my process! (Spoiler Alert: It's largely aimless doodling.)

#Stevonnie FTW

Spent the afternoon drawing Stevonnie... If you haven't yet, get on Steven Universe and WATCH IT. WATCH ALL OF IT. If you've got a kid, or are anywhere even NEAR an impressionable young thing- MAKE THEM SIT DOWN AND WATCH IT. 

This cartoon is some special, so important, so amazing... I wholeheartedly believe that weaning kids on this series would do wonders in raising a new generation of kind, tolerant adults.



Summer ho-hum

One postcard version I did for a client who commissioned 4. This one actually got rejected, but I love it too much to toss away :) 

Animation is a tad janky, but I might clean it up later.


The lovely Gina Romero asked me to draw up a present for her friend Danielle, who just launched BulletProof- Building Better Employee Benefits.

This was a lot of fun because not only was the brief very open, but it was also quite simple and straightforward: Gina wanted to illustrate Danielle as a superhero of her cause. The style was largely up to me, but her only requests were typing up "The Power Woman or Protection" (from a private joke, apparently<:) on the top, and that a letter P be on Danielle's cat-suited chest.

This letter P naturally had me do up some super girl style costumes, but looking at Danielle's style, I began leaning towards a sort of Emma Peel look instead of the waving cape. I shared these thoughts with Gina and did some quick sketches of her to review.


I took my colour palette from photos of Danielle as well, and did the typography up with some old comic-book-style flair. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (and thankfully so was Danielle! :)


Drew up some characters for an advertorial that didn't push through :) It's a shame, but it was still a fun job!